About Us

Why We’re Different

  • We’re Developers, Too
  • We’re Consultants – ready to tackle your challenge with the utmost in tact, aplomb, and diplomacy
  • We’re All Open Source – we never use a closed-source or proprietary solution, when we can help move the community forward by helping adapt, enhance, and test/debug a FLOSS solution.
  • We’re System Architects
  • We’re Network Architects
  • We have all our hardware built to our specs by our partners
  • We use KVM, the only one of the virtualization solutions that’s built-in to the linux kernel. We feel it has the brightest future, is more flexible in supporting a wide variety of guest OSes, and has the best integration capabilities and features for a hosting company such as us.
  • KVM has new technology for virtualization – better, faster, Linux-integrated screen/monitor, enabling our “meta-control panel”, vPanel.