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SugarCRM 5.2 Now Available

Monday, May 4th, 2009

sugarcrm_logoGet Sugared

We are pleased to announce the latest SugarCRM is now available for hosting in your own private vMachine (VPS), or we can manage it for you (managed services), here at LibreHosting.

As such, you can of course have an unlimited number of users, with no per-user fees.

It looks good!

Here is a screenshot of the front page, with various dashboard-style widgets (Sugar calls them “Dashlets” 🙂 that you can drag around, position how you want, and add and remove – Nice!


The theme shown is “Shred”, which is one of 20+ themes, which are quite nicely done – try it out on our SugarCRM Sandbox!

Remember, if you’re an Open Source project owner, and you’d like to have live demo (aka sandbox) services for your project, we can provide them – and it’s free for Open Source!

More Themes

Other SugarCRM themes, shown below, are “Final Frontier” (Astronomy theme), “Links” (a Golf theme), and my favorite, “Golden Gate (foggy SF theme :).

Final Frontier

Final Frontier



Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Usability, Overall Impression

Sugar makes a distinction between “Employees” and “Users”, which can be disconcerting at first, until you get used to it – it’s done so that Employees don’t have to have a Sugar login; but in practice it makes adding new users a lot more clicky then it otherwise would need to be..

Overall, though, it’s extremely polished and professional – and at least as capable as the Siebel implementations I’ve seen in the early 2000’s..

More comments as we use it further.