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Latest Django, Rails, Ubuntu, Fedora, WordPress versions now available

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Now available

And in the selectable dropdown choices:

  • Ubuntu 12.04 has now been vetted by our staff and is the default / recommended Ubuntu version
  • Ubuntu 11.10 is also still available
  • Django 1.4 is now available and is the default / recommended Django version
  • Django 1.5 dev / trunk available on request
  • Rails 3.2.3 now available
  • Rails 4.0.0Beta is available on request
  • Fedora 16 is now available
  • Fedora 17Beta is now available
  • Pyramid / Pylons is now available
  • WordPress 3.3.2 now available

Note that all the above are server versions – for those who want Desktop versions available via RDP/NX/VNC:

  • Ubuntu 11.04 is also available as it’s the last version that supports a proper Desktop (Gnome2 aka Gnome Classic) out of the box.
  • Cinnamon is available on request (Gnome2 workalike, as an alternative to Unity) on newer Ubuntu desktop installations.