Now Upgrading to Satchmo 0.7!

Please pardon our dust (please order by email or phone!) as we reimplement portions of our eCommerce engine to use the new updated Satchmo Release, 0.7 (we are using SVN trunk).

Previously, we were on the Satchmo 0.6 release (and we implemented the TrustCommerce payment engine for the project, for that release).

We hope to have the eCommerce signup capability back up and fully functional within a short time.

In the meantime, we can accept your orders and support emails through our usual email and phone channels.


One Response to “Now Upgrading to Satchmo 0.7!”

  1. admin Says:

    Please note that Django 1.0 is slated for early September – this is also involved with (and complicating) the Satchmo upgrade.

    We are currently holding back on svn updates, since the Django trunk is undergoing significant feature-altering changes right now, and it’s disruptive.

    Note that even after the upgrade, we will continue to offer both Django 0.97+ legacy as well as the new Django 1.0, since there will most certainly be customers asking for both!


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