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Friday, September 14th, 2007

Welcome to Libre Hosting’s News & Blog!

Libre Hosting will soon be launching our Web 2.0 virtual machine hosting and consulting services. Our launch date is currently targeted at October 31st, 2007. Happy Halloween!

We come from a background as veterans of Internet Infrastructure, and we feel it’s time to offer a slightly different approach to hosting, catering to the needs of the Web 2.0 developer, and to the customer who:

  1. Wants full root access to everything to configure as they please, and
  2. Needs to be able to scale quickly with demand when the need arises, and
  3. Wants their favorite environment preconfigured for them to turn on as if it were a light bulb; or
  4. Wants to run their favorite software appliance.

We will be launching an ecommerce site for our hosting services, and other services, and a really different new web-based vPanel control panel, also known as the Machine Room.

Our colocation and hosting facilities are in multiple tier-1 triple-backed-up colo facilities in the top NOC locations in both San Jose and Fremont.

All servers used at the facilities will be built and tested by the top-notch technicians at eRacks Open Source Systems.

We also have extensive experience in system administration and programming for virtualization environments, with extensive recent experience developing a web-based virtualization infrastruture for ourselves – based on the Open Source KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine), which is built into the Linux kernel, and supported by the company Qumranet, which is well-funded by various venture partners.

As such, we also offer virtualization consulting, software development services, web design and development, backup services, management services, and so forth – inquire today about how we can help you and your company.

Stay tuned for further announcements, and you are invited to inquire today about joing the ranks of Libre Hosting’s customers – email us today at!

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