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Infrastructure complete

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Ready to Roll!

As of today, our infrastructure is now complete – we have two distinct geographical locations in place, with racks of servers everywhere.

Our website, blog,  eCommerce engine, and vPanel are up and considered Beta-quality and ready to use, with that understanding.

We are now accepting orders and preorders / reservations, with a potential discount for early adopters.

As we grow, here are a just a few of the features / rollouts to expect in the coming months here at LH:

– vPanel to implement meta-control panel

– Web-based administrative control panel inside your vMachine – Not unlike cPanel or Webmin, we will be offering one or more ways of using a web-based administrative interface to configure your vMachine.

– One-click vPanel access to the important and accessible ports on your vMachine, and even autodiscovery of the available ports via portscan/nmap if so desired.

– True, painless, powerful remote access via VNC, NX, and the RDP protocol (using xrdp where applicable!).

– Multiple backup options including mailout and/or downoad of fully bootable CD/DVD copies of your vMachine instance, for instant access / replication / recovery/ cloning of your Libre VM.

– Ruby-based puppet system automation capabilties, integrated with our Puppet event and library infrastructure.

– Your vMachine branded with a bottup and/or svga logoto help our branding image when using our sandbox services

These are just a few of the features to watch for in the upcoming weeks and months from Libre Hosting.

Contact us today, at to see how we can help you meet your hosting needs, and address whatever infrastructure or web developement and/or consulting needs you may have, as well.


LH Joe